Java Print Username Program

Print Username Question:- Jeffy, who is going to complete the higher education this year needs to create a simple application that accepts the name of a person and welcomes them with a message along with their name. She wants to read the data using the class “Scanner”. Implement this scenario using Java. Sample Input 1:…

Java Print Customer Details Program

Question Help Mr.Ben who is a programmer, in developing a registration form on the console. Customers will not just input data but also view the details once he/she finishes the registration.  Sample Input 1: Enter your name:Jany Enter age:25 Enter gender:Female Hailing from:Mexico Sample Output 1: Welcome, Jany! Age:25 Gender:Female City:Mexico Code :- Recommended:- Print…

Print Message

Question Write a program to display a message “Welcome to object oriented programming” Sample Output 1: Welcome to object oriented programming. Code :- Recommended:- Print Customer Details Print Username Bill Generation Spell Check Highest Placement