Learn Java Programming

Java is a powerful open-source programming language. It is used to develop Windows, Android, and web applications, big data processing, embedded systems, and so on. According to Oracle company, the company that owns Java, Java runs on 3 billion devices worldwide, which makes java the most popular programming language.

Tutorials on Java basics

  1. Introduction to Java Programming

Conditional Statement

  1. Java Program to solve quadratic equations
  2. Java Program to find the greatest of three Numbers
  3. Java Program to Display the weekday between 1 and 7
  4. Java Program to Find the number of days in a Months.
  5. Java Program to Print character is vowel or Consonant
  6. Java Program to Check a year is a leap year or not
  7. Java Program to display the sum of first N natural numbers
  8. Java Program to find sum and average of N numbers
  9. Java Program to find a cube of an N given numbers.
  10. Java Program to Print sum of first N odd natural numbers
  11. Java Program to Display the pattern like a diamond.
  12. Java Program to Display Right angle triangle using number

Example :

  1. Java Program to Add Two Integers
  2. Java program to convert Hexadecimal to octal number?
  3. How do you reverse a number without a loop in Java?
  4. Java program to check if the number is greater than 100 or not
  5. Java program to get birth dates and find who is older
  6. Check if the given number is prime or not in Java
  7. Java Program Count invalid Mobile numbers form list
  8. Java program Fill a bucket with water using a mug
  9. Java Program to Check if Number is Positive or Negative