Ram studies at a boys’ college and his team at college is planning to organize a farewell party for their seniors.  Ram wants to develop an application to generate  a welcome message to each senior on the screen when they enters senior’s name.   Help Ram to perform this task  by  creating module in Python.   


  • Create a module called “greet.py” which contains :

      1. A message variable that contains the message “Hello”
      2. A function ‘greet(name)’should take a string as the parameter and  should print that name along with a greeting message.
      3. A documentation string : “””Module for Greeting”””

  • Call this documentation string, functions and message variable by importing the greet module.  Refer the sample input and output statements for more details.

Sample input statement:

Enter the senior’s name: Rahul

Sample output statement:

Hello Mr.Rahul, Welcome to the farewell Party!!!  

Documentation string: Module for Greeting

Code :-


import greet
n=input("Enter the senior's name: ")


def greet(name):
    print(message+" Mr."+name+", Welcome to the farewell Party!!!")
    print("Documentation string: Module for Greeting")


keep it blank

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