Introducing Artificial Intelligence System

Introducing Artificial Intelligence System

Imagine yourself to be a scientist who has developed a intellectual  system that converts text to speech. You are getting ready for its demo and want to feed the information that your system has to convert to speech. Simulate this through python.

Note: The information includes the name of the AI system, creator, purpose of creation, Memory etc.  Refer the sample input and output statements for more clarifications.

Sample input:

Enter the name:

Software 2.0

Enter the creator name:


Enter the purpose:

Conversion of Text to Speech

Enter the memory size:


Enter the speed:


Sample output:

My Details:

I am Software 2.0 , created by XYZ, for the purpose of Conversion of Text to Speech.

Memory I consume is around 500Gb and my speed is 5.5 GHZ.

Code :-

print("My Details:\n"+"I am "+input("Enter the name:\n")+" , created by "+input("Enter the creator name:\n")+", for the purpose of "+input("Enter the purpose:\n")+"."+"\nMemory I consume is around "+input("Enter the memory size:\n")+" and my speed is "+str(float(input("Enter the speed:\n")))+" GHZ.")

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