Lucky Number

Lucky Number

Sona, a Computer Science aspirant gets an assignment to write a program in Python to find out whether the given number is lucky or not by using lambda function.  A number is said to be lucky if the sum of the digits of that number is even. 

The function accepts a numeric value and returns 0 or 1. If the return value is 1, then the number is lucky and if the return value is 0, the number is not lucky. Help Sona to write the code.


  • Mandatory to use:  lambda function
  • If the number is 0 or less, display the message “Invalid Number” and terminate the program.

Sample Input and Output 1:

Enter the Number:191

191 is not lucky

Sample Input and Output 2:

Enter the Number:123

123 is lucky

Sample Input and Output 3:

Enter the Number:0

Invalid Number

Code :-

n=int(input("Enter the Number:"))
if n>0:
    res=lambda n:1 if sum(map(int,str(n)))%2==0 else 0
    print((str(n)+' is lucky') if res(n)==1 else (str(n)+" is not lucky"))
    print("Invalid Number")

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