Vehicle Premium

Vehicle Premium

Create a class called ‘Vehicle’ with 3 private instance variables: ‘cost’‘type’ and ‘premium’ where cost is the cost of the vehicle, type is the type of the vehicle and ‘premium’ is the premium amount to be calculated for the vehicle.  

Vehicle type values can be 1, 2 or 3 where:

 1 – for two wheeler

 2 – for four wheeler

3 – for other types

Create a parameterized constructor with 2 arguments: cost and type.  Set the instance variable ‘premium as ‘None’.

The ‘Vehicle’ class also contain a method: calculate_premium().  This method is used to calculate the premium amount and set it to the instance variable ‘premium’.

Apply the following rules to calculate the vehicle premium:

1.       If the type of the vehicle is type 1 (“Two Wheeler”) then 2% of cost is the premium.

2.       If the type of the vehicle is type 2 (“Four Wheeler”) then 6% of cost is the premium.

3.       If then type of the vehicle is type 3 (“Other”) then 8% of cost is the premium.

Write a getter method for the private variable to return the premium amount.  The method definition should be: ‘get_premium(self)‘.

Get the cost and type of the vehicles from the users and store those values into the variables with the names: ‘vehicle_cost’ and ‘vehicle_type’ respectively and they should be in global scope.

Then create an object of ‘Vehicle’ class by invoking the 2 argument parameterized constructor by passing ‘vehicle_cost’ and ‘vehicle_type’ as arguments.  

Store this vehicle object into a reference variable with the name : “vehicle_obj” which should be in global scope.  Using ‘vehicle_obj’ , calculate the premium amount by invoking the method ‘calculate_premium().  After this display the vehicle object’s (vehicle_obj)  premium amount as shown in the sample output.


  • The vehicle cost and premium amount should be  float values and type should be an integer value. So, necessary conversion is required.
  • Use the same attribute names, class name, object name and method names as given in the question description.

Sample input :

Enter the vehicle cost: 30000

Enter the type of the vehicles (1 for 2 wheeler, 2 for 4 wheeler and 3 for other types):1

Sample output :

The premium amount is: 600.0

Code :-

class Vehicle:
    def __init__(self,cost,type):
    def calculate_premium(self):
        elif self.__type==2:
        elif self.__type==3:
    def get_premium(self):
        return self.__premium
vehicle_cost=float(input("Enter the vehicle cost: "))
vehicle_type=int(input("Enter the type of the vehicles (1 for 2 wheeler, 2 for 4 wheeler and 3 for other types):"))
print("The premium amount is:",vehicle_obj.get_premium())

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