RDBMS Program and Quiz

RDBMS stands for Relational Database Management System. RDBMS is the basis for SQL or database and for all modern database systems like MS SQL Server, Orcale, MySQL, PostgreSQL,

RDBMS Program

Data Definition Lanaguage

  1. Create User table
  2. Create Buses table
  3. Create SCHEDULE table
  4. Create Payment table
  5. Alter table payment
  6. Add a new column
  7. Modify the datatype
  8. Alter table buses
  9. Create Guest Table
  10. Create PointOfInterest and Town Table
  11. Establish Referential Intergrity Constraint
  12. Purge Guest Table Content
  13. Change the Name of PointOfInterest Table
  14. Test Your Understanding 1
  15. Test Your Understanding 2

Data Manipulation Language

  1. Insert Record – Tickets
  2. Insert Record – Payments
  3. Update Buses table
  4. Update Schedule table
  5. Update table Schedule
  6. Delete Records -Payments
  7. Insert Record into Guest table
  8. Insert Record into Resort table
  9. Update star-rating in Resort Table
  10. Update Phone in Guest Table
  11. Remove Resort Details

Select Statement

  1. Display User details
  2. List Schedule details
  3. List Buses details
  4. Bus details based on availability
  5. Bus number without duplicates
  6. Details about AC Buses
  7. Display Resort Details
  8. Display Resort based on Star-rating
  9. Display based on Summer Temperature of Cities
  10. Display Types of Rooms available in Resorts
  11. Display Tourist Spots
  12. Display Guest stayed with Pets
  13. Display the review with resort ID

Function – Scalar & Aggregate

  1. Password Generation
  2. Formatting Date
  3. Maximum Bus Tickets Fare
  4. Number of Buses
  5. Number of Tickets Booked
  6. Change Case of Guest Name
  7. Count the Characters in Review Comments
  8. Maximum Duration of the Stay
  9. Find the Hottest and Coldest Temperature
  10. Resortwise count of Bedrooms in each Resort
  11. Number of Guests In each Resort
  12. Comments based on Star Rating
  13. Calculate the Sleep Capacity and Bed Rooms for Resort
  14. Total amount paid by each guest

Joins & Subquery

  1. User and Payment details in SQL
  2. Buses based on Source and Destination in SQL
  3. User details based on Cancellation in SQL
  4. Minimum Travel Time in SQL
  5. Customer using HDFC bank in SQL
  6. Customer details based on booking count in SQL
  7. Townname for PointOfInterest locations in SQL
  8. Guest’s Check-In & Check-Out Details in SQL
  9. Resort Manager’s Details in SQL
  10. Payments made by Guest in SQL
  11. pointofinterest locations in each Town in SQL
  12. Maximum amount paid by Guest in SQL
  13. Review Comments Shared by Guest in SQL
  14. Cabin Type and Bedroom Count in each Resort in SQL
  15. Managers from Same City in SQL
  16. Review Comment by Guest in SQL
  17. Resortwise Revenue Generated in SQL
  18. Display Cabin Types and its Charges in SQL
  19. Fetch second highest cabin cost in SQL
  20. Guest details and Total Charges paid in SQL
  21. Guest who paid highest charges in SQL
  22. Resort with Least Capacity in SQL
  23. PointOfInterest Locations in Chennai in SQL
  24. Cities having Summer Temperature More than Jaipur in SQL
  25. Resort that charges the highest in SQL
  26. Review Comment for star rating Resort in SQL
  27. Review Comment for all Resort in SQL
  28. Fetch Resort Details in SQL

Data Control Language & Database Objects

  1. Create View_BMS in SQL