User and Payment details in SQL


User and Payment details

Write a query to display user id, user name, ticket id , total amount, amount to be paid after discount and give alias name as User_ID, user_name, Ticket_Id, Total_amount, Paid_amount. Display record in descending order by user id.

[Note : Total amount to be paid should be number of seats* amount per ticket ]

User and Payment details



select User_ID,
(select name from users u where t.user_id=u.user_id) as user_name,
ticket_id as Ticket_id,
(no_seats*fare) as Total_amount,
((no_seats*fare)-(select discount_amount from discounts d where d.discount_id=(select discount_id from payments p where t.Ticket_id=p.Ticket_id))) as Paid_amount
from tickets t
order by User_ID desc;


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